About Ghana ACT

Ghana ACT was founded in 2010 to provide the best opportunity to those who want to volunteer abroad. Our goal is to bring people together from around the world and offer whatever support we can to those communities and organizations we work with and have come to love.

Mission Statement
Ghana ACT builds alliances across continents to foster cultural exchange and leadership while creating a lasting impact on the lives of both the volunteers and Ghanaians we work with. We engage and collaborate with local organizations and communities to identify their most pressing needs, develop innovative, sustainable solutions, invest the appropriate resources, and cultivate the long-term growth of these solutions.


The Ghanaian directors of the schools and organizations we work with are all incredible, friendly, outgoing leaders. After spending a few weeks in Ghana we believe you will fully understand our motivations for starting this organization. For people who want to explore the world and experience an entirely new and unique country, Ghana is for you. We believe that to give you the full experience we must offer you more than just volunteer work. This is why all our programs are designed to fully immerse you in Ghanaian life, so that you may truly gain an understanding and appreciation of this great country.

Children's Day

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