We look forward to receiving volunteers who want to devote their time to our programs. However, we understand that it is a privilege to have the opportunity to volunteer abroad. If you cannot donate your time, but still wish to make a contribution to our programs, we greatly appreciate any donation you are willing to make.

To make a tax-deductable donation, please follow the steps below to donate to Ghana ACT via HCDP and our partner Omprakash, a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


1. Please follow the “Donate” link at right to make your program donation to Ghana ACT via HCDP and our partner Omprakash.
2. IMPORTANT: Add a note to indicate your donation is for Ghana ACT. If you would like to earmark the donation for a specific project please feel free to do so.
3. Complete the form.


On behalf of Ghana ACT and all our partners, Thank You!

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