We would not be able to do what we do at Ghana ACT without the steadfast support of our partners.

HCDP has been a close partner to Ghana ACT since 2009 when Ghana ACT founder, John Barber, and HCDP founder, Richard Anku, worked together on improving access to healthcare in the Volta Region. Since then, Ghana ACT and HCDP have continued to support each other’s projects in various capacities, from raising awareness and funds to improving community outreach. We have formalized this partnership to improve the efficiency and efficacy of our work.

HCDP is now the umbrella organization for Ghana ACT, reducing the administrative costs and burdens of having two separate organizations working to achieve similar goals. Ghana ACT continues to have full control and responsibility for the projects we undertake, the relationships we build with our partners, and the volunteers we work with.

What does this partnership mean for our volunteers, donors and supporters?
– Volunteers will continue to be Ghana ACT volunteers, but will now receive invitation letters from Richard Anku to be used for visa applications.
– Donors can continue to make tax-deductible donations to Ghana ACT by earmarking donations through HCDP.
– Supporters can be reassured that Ghana ACT continues to strive to support our partners in their various capacities and this partnership will further that goal.
- Ghana ACT volunteers and donors may benefit from HCDP’s active partnership with the Omprakash Foundation.

Omprakash Logo
The Omprakash Foundation is a free, non-sectarian database of volunteer opportunities open to people of all ages and nationalities.

Omprakash “build[s] partnerships with grassroots health, education, and environmental projects around the world, and connect[s] them with volunteers, donors, and classrooms that can learn from and support their work.”

While Ghana ACT does not have a financial aid program currently in place for our volunteers, Omprakash does offer Volunteer Grants to several volunteers every year to help defray the costs of volunteering. Omprakash Volunteer Grants.

Omprakash has also compiled an extensive list of resources that may be useful to you as a volunteer, whether you join Ghana ACT or another program. Volunteer Travel Resources

R2R Logo
Reader to Reader is a public charity dedicated to bringing books and computers, free of charge, to needy schools across the United States and the world.

In 2012 Reader to Reader donated 10 computers through Ghana ACT to Saviefe-Deme’s new junior high school, these were the first computers ever brought into the community.

One Penny Per Mile (OPPM) promotes green energy and sustainability around the world. OPPM raises money from people donating one penny per mile they drive, and invests those donations in renewable resources.

In 2012 OPPM donated 3 solar power units (solar panels, batteries, and lights) through Ghana ACT to provide reliable and sustainable electricity to Saviefe-Deme’s new junior high school.

Amoeba Balm is a socially conscious manufacturer of soaps & balms, donating 100% of their profits to chosen non-profits. Amoeba Balm is currently supporting Ghana ACT and they are donating their profits until December 2012 to purchase insecticide-treated bed nets in Saviefe-Deme. To support this cause contact them at

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