With the money we raise and other non-profit organizations we collaborate with we undertake projects to meet the needs of our partners in Ghana.

2011 – 2012 Construct Junior High School in Saviefe-Deme: $28,000

In 2011 we focused our funding on the construction of a 2,700 + square foot school facility in the rural community, Saviefe-Deme. The community volunteered their time and provided all the skilled labor, while Ghana ACT purchased the raw materials and sent our own volunteers to support. Without enough funding to finish the project in 2011 we returned in 2012 to see the project through.

After completing the construction the community petitioned the Ministry of Education to grant the necessary approval required to open the facility as a fully operational junior high school. Upon passing the inspection in August the government assigned five teachers to staff the new school. Saviefe-Deme’s first ever junior high school officially opened for classes on September 3rd and currently has 50 students enrolled. The video on our Home Page shows the construction process, but was produced in 2011 before the completion of the work.
J.H.S. in Saviefe-Deme


2012 Computer Lab and Solar Systems in Saviefe-Deme J.H.S.

Non-Profit Reader to Reader donated 10 computers through Ghana ACT to set up a computer lab in the J.H.S. in Saviefe-Deme, while the non-profit One Penny Per Mile donated 3 Solar Systems to help maintain electrical power at the new school. We are very grateful for both of their support!

Computers3 Computer2

Solar1 Solar2


2012 World Map Mural in Saviefe-Deme J.H.S.

World Map World Map Tribute


2012 School Bus for McColin’s Preparatory Center: $10,000

The McColin’s Preparatory Center is a primary school focused on providing a good education to orphans and other underprivileged children in the city of Ho. The landlord of their previous school facility told them they would have to leave at the end of the 2011-2012 school year. In preparation for this they raised and borrowed the necessary funds needed to construct their own school facility and fortunately had a new location to move to when the time came. This new site is a mile outside the city, however, and is too far for many of the young children to walk. For this reason Mrs. Susan Aniawu (Mama Susie, shown in right photo) and Harry Anku, Director and Administrator of McColin’s, respectively, asked us to help them secure a school bus so that they may be able to transport the children to and from school. They explained that without one many of the students would drop out, being unable to make the walk, and lose their opportunity at a good education. With the exceptional support of Sarah and Adam Gostenik, donating over $3,500 to this cause, we were able to purchase this bus in August, 2012 and presented it to the school at their 2011-2012 year-end celebrations and final day at the old school site.

School Bus School Bus2

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