Ghana is full of incredible sites. There are numerous tourist destinations across the country, each unique and amazing in its own way. As a volunteer you will have your weekends free to do with as you please, and we encourage you to spend some weekends exploring some of these destinations. Please note that your volunteer program payment does not cover these weekend excursions. We will provide you with a packet of detailed instructions on how to travel to each of these sites prior to volunteering.

Excursion: Monkey, Mountain, Waterfall

Tafi Monkey Sanctuary
Mt. Afadjato
Wli Waterfall

Excursion: Kpetue Kente Weaving

Kente1 Kente2

Excursion: Cape Coast and Kakum National Park

Cape Coast Slave Castle
Kakum National Park

Excursion: Aburi Gardens and Biking

Aburi Botanical Gardens
Aburi Mountain Biking

Excursion: Mole National Park

Mole National Park


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