Summer 2016 Volunteer Dates: May 15 – June 11
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As an organization of volunteers and supporters of these communities, we aim to improve both the lives of the people we work with and our own. By experiencing life and seeing the world in an entirely new way, volunteers often feel they’ve taken more away from the experience than work they put in.

Being a volunteer is one of the best ways to experience other cultures. We provide you with the opportunity to live and work with Ghanaians and learn more from them than you ever could as a tourist.

Volunteers may come alone or in groups. We will place you in a home stay according to the program you choose and the comforts you desire. We recognize that every individual has something significant and invaluable to offer, qualities that applications fail to take into account, be it a skill, curiosity, or enthusiasm. For this reason ACT puts no restrictions on who may volunteer and we have made our application process as simple and straightforward as possible. No previous experience or certifications are needed to participate in any of our programs; any training necessary will be provided to you at the start of your program. All we ask for is enthusiasm, a willingness to work in the local environment, and the desire to open yourself up to new and incredible experiences.

“It is hard not to feel inspired to do more with the massive amount of opportunities we have been given in the more developed world, and Ghana ACT helped me to see just how many of these opportunities I have. If you are a person that likes pushing your personal boundaries past the ordinary routines of life in your home country, than do it! You won’t regret it, that’s for sure.”

- Jamie O’Neill
2010 Community Development Volunteer

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